Complex Design 2

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Neptun: BMEEPRAT911 (10 credits)




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Obligatory subject: Faculty of Architecture, Regular English Program

course director
Gábor Nemes PhD, Szabolcs Portschy

design consultants
prof. Balázs Balogh DLA, Emese Balogh, Gábor Nemes PhD, Szabolcs Portschy 

Project description and requirements

midterm presentation

  • Architecture: Presentation of the selected part of the building and its relation to the whole structure in suitable graphical scale. Technical drawings: site plan (1:500), plans, elevations (1:100) and sections (1:50), demonstration of the chosen technologies, structural solutions, materials, etc; samples, analogies, summary of the background research that shall serve as the database for the design decisions. Presentation of possible alternatives, and an analysis of the most relevant factors.
  • Technical fields: in a form and content required by the technical consulting departments.

final scope of work

  • Architecture: Ready-for-construction level shop drawings of the designated part of the building. Technical drawings: site plan(s) (1:500-1:200), plans (floors, ceiling, roof in 1:50), elevations (1:50, 1:20) sections (1:50-1:20), construction details (1:10-1:5) and detailed specifications on materials, technologies, structures, finishes, fixtures, etc. Architectural technical description.
  • Technical fields: in a form and content required by the technical consulting departments.

midterm test projects

  • one-day long design project. Results will be an integral part of the final grade. Making up for missed test project in times indicated in the schedule.


  • Students registered at the Department of Graphics, Form and Design are expected to deliver their work both at midterm and at the final presentation in an outstanding design and graphical quality.

schedule - 2019/2020 fall semester

  1. 09.09.  Orientation, list of requirements, detailed project description
    12.09.  BME Sports Day - no scheduled consultations
  2. 16.09.  Individual consultation - design
    19.09.  Individual consultation - design
  3. 23.09.  Individual consultation - design
    26.09.  Individual consultation - design
  4. 30.09.  TEST Project
    03.10.  Individual consultation - design
  5. 07.10.  Conceptual Presentation - Finalized architecture design
    10.10.  Individual consultation - technical departments
  6. 14.10.  Conceptual Presentation (re-take) Individual consultation - technical departments
    17.10.  Individual consultation - technical departments
  7. 21.10.  Midterm studio week - no scheduled consultations
    24.10.  Midterm studio week - no scheduled consultations
  8. 28.10.  Individual consultation - technical departments
    31.10.  Individual consultation - technical departments
  9. 04.11.  Midterm presentation - projected presentation
    07.11.  Individual consultation - technical departments

  10. 10.11.  Midterm presentation (re-take)Individual consultation - technical departments
    14.11.  Individual consultation - technical departments
  11. 18.11.  Individual consultation - technical departments
    21.11.  Individual consultation - technical departments
  12. 25.11.  Individual consultation - technical departments
    28.11.  TEST Project (re-take) / Individual consultation - technical departments
  13. 02.12.  Individual consultation - technical departments
    05.12.  Individual consultation - technical departments
  14. 09.12.  Studio week - no scheduled consultations
    12.12.  Studio week - no scheduled consultations

submission deadlines  - 2019 spring semester
Dec 13 (Friday) until 12 pm
Dec 20 (Friday) until 12 pm (Late submission - late fee applies)

upload-download folder
sent out in email

Tóbiás Dániel: Falerone Art Colony (Ex Scuola Media - Ex Convento Francescano), Falerone (I)
Complex 2 (2017)
design consultant: Répás Ferenc DLA


Pénzes Ábel: Falerone Art Colony (Ex Scuola Media - Ex Convento Francescano), Falerone (I)
Complex 2 (2017)
design consultant: Sebestény Ferenc DLA


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