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 A brief tutorial on how to follow our courses on Moodle:
 (with English subtitles)
Moodle in general operates with two basic types of modules: activities and resources. Activities are typically modules that students need to fulfill or accomplish (Assignments, Lessons, Quizzes, etc.) or use (Forum, Wiki, etc.). Resources moduls (Book, Folder, Page, File, etc.) on the other hand are study materials prepared and shared by the lecturer (e.g.: schedules, instructions, tutorials, learning aids, notes, etc.).
The following brief summary describes the modules that are most commonly used in tthe courses of our department. Parts written in italics indicate department-specific use of the given modul - which might potentially differ from the practice at other departments.

RESOURCES moduls (moduls "we share" with you)
01    . . .
_in MOODLE this is a BOOK
_universal, divided into chapters, multi-page(!) documentum
_it is able to display a wide range of media (texts, figures, images, videos, embedded or downloadable media, etc.)
_click on the title to open it, and make sure you scan through all its content and download files where necessary
_schedules, thematics, descriptions, longer notes and leaning materials,tutorials, videos, sample drawings, useful information
02    . . .
_in MOODLE this is a single file LEARNING MATERIAL
_typically downloadable materials with text description (max. 1 file)
_icon may vary depending on the type of file (pdf, ppt, etc.)
_click to open it in a new tab or to download
_these files and their content are absolutely essential in order to acquire the study material!
_presentations, quick guides, file attachments or supplements to the actual course, e.g. templates with which you need to start working in your exercise
03    . . .
_in MOODLE this is a PAGE
_it is able pisplay a wide range of media (texts, figures, images, videos, embedded or downloadable media, etc.)
_click to open it abd read its content
_it usually contains essential study materials
_simple learning aids, instructions, brief presentation excerpts, listed information
04    . . .
_in MOODLE this is a FOLDER
_it contains hierarchically organized collection of files available for bulk download
_click to see the file and folder structure
_it usually contains essential study materials
_multiple files shared in connection with one topic or project

ACTIVITIES  modules (what "you share" with us)
01    . . .
_in MOODLE this is an ASSIGNMENT
_it is the platform for submitting files with an optional brief description (and to see the teacher's feedback) 
_its use may be restricted (deadline, number and size of uploadable content)!
_click to open the upload site and add the files you want to share
_using these modules are compulsory for every student!
_midterm and final submissions
02    . . .
_in MOODLE this is a SCHEDULER
_this is where you can book a date and time for consultation
_parallel with the time booking you may also be asked to upload your works (and to see the teacher's feedback)
_its use may be restricted (e.g. one timeslot per student, deadline, number and size of uploadable material)!
_click to open the scheduler platform and the upload module
_midterm consultations, monitoring midterm performance (offline & online consultations)
03    . . .
_in MOODLE this is a FORUM
_a platform for course relevant communication among students and between students and teachers
_click on the module to open the forum and add your questions / remarks / replies
_its use is optional but advised whereever available
_course related discussion, collecting and sharing resources
04     . . .
_in MOODLE this is a FEEDBACK
_able to collect students feedback
_click to open and add your feedback
_feedback on the course and the teacher performance, suggestions, proposals, etc.

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