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Obligatory subject: Faculty of Architecture, Regular English Program
2 credits




Colour Dynamics

course director 
Dr. Gábor Nemes - associate professor

course description
The course examines the relationship between colour and colour, colours and humans, and between colours and the built environment. Technical introduction of pigments, behaviour of colours when mixing pigments, the basic techniques of painting. The role of colours in the creative character and in the thoughtfully built environment. Presentation of the extrerior architectural colour design, colour preferences and theories in the different historical periods. The concept and conditionalities of colour harmonies, guide to the effective use of the different harmony-theories. The use of colour design in everyday projects (authentic colouration in historic renovation, aesthetic urban rehabilitation, etc.)
Students learn the architectural use of color design through a series of projects, from the manual techniques of painting to digital colouration.

schedule 2019-2020 fall semester
1. 10.09. Introduction
2. 17.09. Theory of colours. Assignment of Task 1 - Colour composition.
3. 24.09. Colour contrasts. Consultation of Task 1.
4. 01.10. Colour preferences. Submission and evaluation of Task 1. Assignment of Task 2 - Interour colour design.
5. 08.10. Colour harmonies. Colouration of historical buildings (guest lecture by Dr. Gábor Tari).
6. 15.10. Test project
7. 22.10. Preliminary studio week - no scheduled class
8. 29.10. Consultation of Task 2. Evaluation of the Test project.
9. 05.11. Colours on elevations. Consultation of Task 2. Assignment of Task 3 - Colouration of facades.
10. 12.11. Student Scientific Conference Day (TDK) - no scheduled class
11. 19.11. Consultation of Task 3. Submission and evaluation of Task 2.
12. 26.11. Consultation of Task 3.
13. 03.12. Submission and evaluation of Task 3. Test repetition.
14. 10.12. Studio week - no scheduled class

submission deadlines
As indicated in the schedule. 'Final submission' only in case of replacement or improval of previously submitted works and according to faculty schedule.

Regular class attendance is a mandatory prerequisite for receiving credit in the course in accordance with the BME Code of Studies and Exams. Midterm tasks are subject to consultation, which are evidenced by the teacher's signature. Any missing midterm project converts to the automatic failure of the course.


suggested literature
Antal Nemcsics: Colour Dynamics: Environmental Colour Design. Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest, 1990.
Johannes Itten: The Art of Color: The Subjective Experience and Objective Rationale of Color. John Wiley & Sons Inc, 1993.
Joseph Albers: Interaction of Colors. Yale University Press, 1963.
Károly Szelényi: Colours – Actions and sufferings of light. Magyar Képek Kiadó
The Lüscher Colour Test /Translated and edited by Ian Scott/
Gábor Tari: Geometrical qualities in the harmony of colours – the colour harmony system “Immocolour”.

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Gábor Nemes PhD associate professor - course director

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