from planar to spatial

from planar to spatial

Creative exercise for architecture students

Concept of the exercise broken down into four classes:
Creation of 20 x 20 cm planar compositions
Transformation of one selected planar artwork into a 20 x 20 x 5 cm spatial object.

The success of this creative individual characteristic exercise lies in the experimental narrative and inspiration, which provide artistic freedom and define our constraints at the same time. Every visual sign, phenomenon, however simple, could trigger ideas, and serve as the starting point of the creative process.

30 October 2019
Introductory lecture, presentation of related examples, project description.
(illustration and demonstration of different graphical techniques, etc.)
Collection of inspirations (frottage, collage) drafting (20x20 cm format)
Work on the sketches to be continued as homework.

6 November 2019
Design development of the 20x20 cm compositions, consultation on potential spatial transformation. Project documentation (photo, video)

13 November 2019
Collection of appropriate materials and ingredients for the model (cardboards, timber, accessories).
Consultation. Continuous project documentation.

20 November 2019
Finalization of the 20 x 20 x 5 cm model (to continued at home if necessary).

January 2020
Exhibition of the finished artworks and projected installation of the creative process.

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