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Obligatory subject: Faculty of Architecture, Regular English Program 
4 credits

course director
József Zalakovács

course objectives

The course is a direct follow-up of the previous semester and builds on the acquired skills. Students will learn the graphical representation of microforms, ornamental objects, fabric, furniture, and decor interiors composed of the above elements, with precise linear and shading tachniques, and realistic lighting effects. Beyond the traditional pencil technique, students will learn the use of permanent drafting tools, like pens and markers, ideal for creating quick or more refined graphical visualizations in the future. Action modell, graphical modell representation with colored techniques. The semester concludes with the represenation of architectural interiors, and their structural context, by drawing the communal areas of the historic building of the university. Based on the related exercises of the previous semester colour studies will also continue in the form of presentations and drawings.

schedule - 2019 spring

  1. 02.07. Shaded pencil drawing of a chair
  2. 02.14. Shaded pencil drawing of a simple composition of furniture
  3. 02.21. Shaded pencil drawing of fabric. Next class: Test project.
  4. 02.28. Test project
  5. 03.07. Simple pen compositions (+Pen homework exercise assignment)
  6. 03.14. Action model project - perpendicular connections
  7. Midterm Studio Week - no scheduled classes
  8. 04.04. Model drawing & photos
  9. 04.11. Furniture composition - detailed pen drawing
  10. 04.18. Interior drawings - Corridor - pen sketches
  11. 04.25. Interior drawings - Staircase - shaded pen drawings
  12. 05.02. Interior drawings - Aula - spatial layers - pen sketches. Next class: Exam drawing.
  13. 05.02. Exam drawing. Interior drawings - Aula - spatial layers - shaded pen drawings
  14. Studio Week - no scheduled classes

submission deadlines
Normal submission:  05.13. Monday until 12 pm
Late Submission:      05.24. Friday until 12 pm - late fee applies

EN1 Gábor Üveges, PhD
- Gábor Tari, PhD

Regular class attendance is a mandatory prerequisite for receiving credit in the course. Drawings are collected at the end of each class and stored in the designated folders. Final mark is determined by the board of teachers, based on the quality of the submitted drawings (midterm projects + homework). Missed projects can be made up for on designated dates of the semester. 

detailed schedule
downloadable excerpt


model project description
downloadable excerpt


downloadable templates


Barcsay Jenő: Ember és drapéria, Képzőművészeti Alap Kiadó Vállalat,1958.
Szalai Zoltán: A kockától az aktig, Dóm Kiadó 

semester drawings - samples 

suggested webpages

József Zalakovács – course director



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