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Obligatory subject: Faculty of Architecture, Regular English Program
5 credits




course director
József Zalakovács, senior lecturer

course objectives
The course aims to provide a basic understanding of spatial composition and develop stereopsis, the perception of space. This is achieved through the explanation of the basics of perspective with the help of linear drawings of simple geometrical forms (cube, column, cylinder, prism). During the semester, with the parallel improvement of the visual skills, simple installations become complex spatial structures, and finally intuitively formed architectonic interiours. Simultaneously, drafting tools advance from simple linear drawings to expressive shaded compositions. In the second half of the semester students get acquainted with the basics of colour-dynamics. Cold and warm toned colour combinations as well as harmonic multicolour techniques will help visualizing the thermal differentiation of various surface light effects.

Projects of the semester includes a design related interdepartmental exercise, where students make a colored hand rendering of their ongoing model project with scale transformation.

course schedule AY 2019-2020 fall semester English
01. 9th September (Monday) Orientation, introductory lecture,  (+HW folder, compositional rectangles)
02. 16th September (Monday) Large-scale rectangular composition, linear drawing (+ compositional exercise)
03. 23rd September (Monday) Large-scale composition - Columns, linear drawing (+ compositional exercise)
04. 30th September (Monday) Large-scale composition - Circle - Cilinder - Arch - Horizontal composition, linear drawing (+ compositional exercise)
05. 7th October (Monday) Large-scale composition - Circle - Cilinder - Arch - Vertical composition, linear drawing (+ compositional exercise)
06. 14th October (Monday) TEST Project - complex large-scale composition
07. Midterm Studio Week - No scheduled class
08. 28th October (Monday) The role of hatching - lecture, drawing of large-scale vertical composition with shadows
09. 4th November (Monday) Drawing of large-scale horizontal composition with shadows
10. 11th November (Monday) Basics of Color Dynamics - Drawing of architectonic composition (rectangular) with monochrome colors (cold or warm)
11. 18th November (Monday) Drawing of architectonic composition (columns & arches) with monochrome colors (cold or warm)
12. 25rd November (Monday) Summary of the second part, preparation for the EXAM project
13. 2nd December (Monday) EXAM DRAWING - complex composition, urban pattern, colored drawing
14. Studio Week - No scheduled class

submission deadlines
13th December (Friday until 12 pm)
20th December (Friday until 12 pm) late submission (late fee applies)

course requirements
Regular class attendance is a mandatory prerequisite for receiving credit in the course in accordance with the BME Code of Studies and Exams. Drawings are collected at the end of each class and stored in the designated folders. Incomplete drawings can be finished until the end of the semester. Final mark is determined by the board of teachers, based on the quality of the submitted drawings.

detailed downloadable schedule

downloadable hatching homework

downloadable color dynamics homework

Antal Nemcsics: Coloroid system. Innofinance, Budapest, 1985.

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József Zalakovács senior lecturer

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