Department Design 2

BMEEPRAT701 (3 credits)

Obligatory subject: Faculty of Architecture, Regular English Program

course director
Ferenc Sebestény DLA

lecture in 2020
Emese Balogh DLA


course objectives

This subject based on interior design. The design process focuses on abstract formal approach. Students create different 3D possibilities according to the given keywords in the first half of the semester then they have to analyse these models. Finally, students choose one of them and try to find a suitable function for it. By the end of the semester students complete the interior with furnishing, coverings etc. The design project deal with the fundamental decisions and 3D modeling which are completed by manual works.


Department Design 2 (BMEEPRAT701) obligartory course

  • UPDATE! second week of the semester (September 14-18, 2020)

The class will be opened and held in distant education format on the Moodle platform at the regularly scheduled date and time. Any materials presented on this class will be available throughout the whole semester. All further information are accurate and valid below.


General Notification

in light of the global Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent preventive measures, the BME Faculty of Architecture accepted our department’s proposal for a modified class structure for its first and second-year drawing courses, as the nature of these courses necessitate attendance learning the most. Contrary to the regular weekly timetable, these courses will be taught according to an intensive block schedule. This arrangement will, however, affect not only the schedule of the first and second-years, but also senior students of other year groups, as well as students of the General Course. For this reason, all students shall read the following provisions very carefully. Relevant information will be made available both within the ‘Moodle’ system and on our department’s website, respectively. Detailed schedule and course description will also be available in ‘Moodle’.

Department Design 2 obligatory courses (BMEEPRAT701) timetable

Due to block schedule restructuring in lower years, classes of the course in the 2020/21 Fall Semester will be held in the following order:

  • First week of the semester (September 7-11, 2020)

Regularly scheduled classes of the above courses are cancelled.

  • Second week of the semester (September 14-18, 2020)

Classes of the above courses will be held according to regular schedule with personal attendance. Due to the extraordinary circumstances and the special arrangement, personal attendance – in compliance with all safety and health provisions – is very strongly recommended for all students.

  • Third week of the semester (September 21-25, 2020)

Regularly scheduled classes of the above courses are cancelled.

  • Forth week of the semester and onwards (from September 28, 2020)

Distance education, no personal class attendance for the course. Evaluation will be based on the works prepared during the above classes and the subsequent asynchronous distance education.

Additional information:

Final marks are determined by the board of teachers based on the overall quality of the semester works. Exercises are designed so that they can be completed both by personal class attendance or in distance education, assisted by regular consultation.

Students missing attendance classes can only finish the courses online, within the ‘Moodle’ system. Accordingly, all teaching material and project descriptions and assignments will be uploaded to the platform. Online completion of the course requires individual work, however, weekly offline consultations and assistance will be offered. Works finished at home shall be uploaded in digital form according to schedule and until the designated deadlines.

current schedule: see the subject's Moodle site!

suggested literature
Dobó-Molnár-Peity-Répás: Reality, Concept, Drawing in Architectural Drawing. Terc Budapest, 1999.
Simon Dodsworth: The Fundamentals of Interior Design. AVA Publishing, 2009.

2020 Emese Balogh DLA

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